Directorate of Curriculum, Assessment & Research Sindh, Jamshoro.

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Welcome to Directorate of Curriculum, Assessment & Research Sindh !

In 1970 (under Education Policy, 1970,) the Directorate of Education Extension and Specialized Services (In-Service Teachers Training and Education of Special Children) was came in existence. In 1972 (Under Education Policy 1972-78), the nomenclature was changed to Bureau of Curriculum & Extension Wing. (Curriculum Development/Review and In-Service Teachers Training was focused).

The Bureau of Curriculum & Extension Wing Sindh is located at Jamshoro approximately 18 Km away from the Hyderabad City. There are 11 In-Service training institutes & 32 Pre-service Training institutes working under the umbrella of Bureau of Curriculum. It is the executive and administrative body which controls the all the Pre-service & In-Service teacher education & training institutes.

The Bureau of Curriculum and Extension Wing (BCEW) Sindh, Jamshoro shall be headed by the Director. Its major sections, each manned by Additional Directors shall be:

1. Curriculum Development
2. Extension Services
3. Teachers Training Institutions

The Directorate BCEW Sindh was established as working for the noble cause of teacher education from its birth to coop the following aims, purposes:

1. Curriculum Development /Review of all subjects for classes I to XII.
2. Training of In Service & Pre service teachers up to elementary level.
3. Research Studies regarding proposals for the betterment of schooling teachers and relevant fields.
4. Assessment of Achievement of Teachers and Students in Sindh.

The BCEW feels that the prompt development of a Knowledge-based Society is vibrant to the success and progress of the province, that's why the BCEW Act as the catalyst for building a Knowledge-based society and it cannot be done without the quality of education. Because of this reason the BCEW continuously working for the improvement of the quality education in order to move forward the frontiers of human knowledge and enrich and elevate the citizens. The Associate Degree in Education (ADE) is one of the step towards that.

After 18th Constitutional Amendment powers were delegated to the province to review/develop their own curriculum. In this regard, Curriculum and all related activities were entrusted to the Province of Sindh. The Directorate of Curriculum, Assessment and Research defunct Bureau of Curriculum & Extension Wing Sindh reviewed National Curriculum 2006-07 considering contextualized needs and assured the quality of new textbooks on updated / revised curriculum for improvement quality of education.